Facial Treatments

Facial treatments area one of the best ways to take care of your skin, especially if you have a skin condition such as acne, sluggish skin, dry, dehydrated, aged or in need of refreshing the skin. A facial treatment cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion, and can help your skin look younger.

Detox gel deep pore treatment

This gentle, deep pore cleansing treatment provides clarifying benefits. This is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. The active blend of antioxidants, lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids exfoliates and promotes a purified and clear complexion.

Includes a deep exfoliation to remove dead surface cells and to prepare the skin for gentle extraction of blackheads and impurities.Follows a High Frequency treatment for a powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing effects.A final customized mask conclude this purifying-detoxifying treatment.

Service Price
Detox gel deep pore treatment $90( extraction- 30 min add $20)

SwissMed Bio Lift facial

SwissMed line from Switzerland features a safe and natural alternative to Botox without the injections. The active ingredient “Anti-Wrinkle Hexapeptide” will de-contract the skin thereby smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. An Alpha-Beta Peel gently resurfaces the outer layer of dead skin to dramatically improve skin texture. A highly concentrated B-Tox Collagen Serum plus a cocktail of active ingredients provides longer lasting hydration, improves skin tone and elasticity. A final Signature Alge Peel Off Mask with exceptional anti-irritation and extreme hydration proprieties leaves the skin smoother, radiant and perfect hydrated.

Perfect treatment for all skin types including ACNE,ROSACEA & AGING SKIN.

Service Price
SwissMed Bio Lift facial $90

AlumierMD facial treatments

AlumierMD use advanced, proprietary, science to deliver exceptional results, while keeping free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and dyes. Their luxurious formulas provide real results for a huge number of skin conditions.

AlumierMD Refining Clay Treatment

Highly effective treatment to refine and purify the skin. A unique blend of clay and exfoliating ingredients removes dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal while clearing trapped oil.

AlumierMD Deep Moisturising Treatment

Deep Moisturising Treatment is an intensely hydrating and nourishing option that infuses antioxidants and moisture binding ingredients resulting in plump, soft skin and a dewy complexion. This customized treatment also includes the application of targeted treatment serums to address your individual skin concerns in order to provide the optimal result. Intensely hydrating and nourishing option that infuses antioxidants and moisture binding ingredients resulting in plump, soft skin and a dewy complexion.

AlumierMD Enzyme Treatment

Enzyme Retexturing Treatment is a highly effective fruit enzyme resurfacing solution. The unique blend of fruit enzymes exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal. This unique experience also includes brightening enhancers followed by targeted treatment serums to address each skin concern. The result is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and hyperpigmentation while soothing and maintaining hydration.

Service Price

Back Facial

For the beauty and purification of the back.This hard to reach area will benefit from a deep cleansing with steam, gentle extraction of impurities, a relaxing back and neck massage and a cooling ,purifying &detoxifying mask to encourage a clear, blemish free skin.

Service Price

Oxygenating facial

The antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage, as oxidative and environmental stress of skin is a significant contributor to aging. The Oxygenating Facial stimulates oxygenation and circulation within the skin, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed or acne affected skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, resulting in a radiant, healthy glow.
It helps promote healing and rejuvenates sluggish, stressed skin depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage. Acneic conditions also benefit greatly. Appropriate for use between peel treatments or when exfoliation or flaking is not desired. This treatment is also ideal two to three days before a special event. It draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, producing a rosy flush and a rapid warming sensation, resulting in a radiant, healthy look that lasts up to ten days.

Service Price
Oxygenating facial $120