Lucious Lashes that lasts for weeks

by elleebana, one shot lash lift

Lash Lift,  also known as lash perm, is a technique that combines a lifting lotion and silicon rods to lift and curl natural eyelashes, making them longer and fuller. 

Lash lift is a fantastic alternative to Eyelash extension and there’s no aftercare required!

Makes your lashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extension.

Lashes stay lifted 6-8 weeks and no damage to your natural lashes.

And, while you are getting on the glam, liven up your new look with a lash tint for a more intense look or to darken light lashes.

Eyebrows shaping and tinting​

Some people are gifted with beautiful eyebrows and know exactly how to groom them.

But most of us are better off with professional help.

An eyebrow specialist can transform the way you see your facial features. Eyebrows frame the facial features, creating balance if shapped corectly.

Eyebrows shaping and tinting is one of our favorite services. 

The eyebrows can be tweezed or waxed  to remove stray hairs to create a tidy appearance or shaped to create a perfect balanced eyebrow.

Light or grey hairs can be emphasized by tinting with a darker colour(light /medium brown, graphite). Or as an option, the colour of the eyebrows can be easily coordinated with the colour of the hair.

Services Price
Eyebrows shaping & tinting $30
Eyelash tinting $30
Eyebrows shapping $20
Eyelashes lifting  $85