Ear Piercing


Inverness has the Safest, Most Technologically
Advanced Ear Piercing System on the Market!


Ear piercing, from $60     Cartilage  $60inverness_instrument_graphic

Inverness 2000 Features:

  • Hand pressured instrument not a spring loaded gun
  • Provides a quiet and gentle piercing
    invernesse capsule
  • Automatic retraction for trouble free piercing
  • Clear cassette with separate sterile compartments
  • Fully encapsulated piercing earrings
  • One piece lock-in cartridge
  • No-touch cartridge eject
  • Patented Safety ClutchTM which does not require any adjustment

The Earrings

Be aware! Not all ear piercing systems are alike. Not all metals used in ear piercing are the same.

What do you need to know about metals before your next ear piercing or post piercing earring purchase?

Many ear piercing systems pierce ears with earring metals that may have very high Nickel content. For years, the jewelry industry has studied worldwide health trends, consumer preference and comfort. A rising trend of metal allergies from various types of earrings with high Nickel content has been noted. Many people have reported feeling discomfort after wearing earrings and other jewelry for a short period of time. Nickel content in metals has been identified as the most common cause.

Inverness’ jeweler quality piercing earrings have thin posts and ultra-fine points to provide a gentle piercing that will heal quickly. Earrings are available in 14kt and 18kt Gold, 24kt Gold Plate, Stainless Steel and Palladium Plate over SteralloyTM , our trade marked Nickel compliant alloy, as well as Medical Grade Titanium. The selection includes the latest fashion trends as well as classic styles that can be worn forever. Many people who suffer from metal allergies purchase our line of earrings for sensitive ears for continued comfort after the piercing healing period.





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